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Published Sep 12, 20
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The Commissioner, Mr Edward Kieswetter, has in the meantime released a media statement including links and essential info for all taxpayers during the Lockdown duration. His declaration, together with links and other info, can be discovered Our expert tax advisory service team, is currently analysing the in-depth tax ramifications and techniques of possible relief offered to companies made public to date and is waiting as soon as further info is released by National Treasury and the SARS.

Background: Supply chains in South Africa operate in a challenging business environment. This environment influences the performance and effectiveness of South African businesses and supply chains. These factors additional influence the competitiveness of products produced in the nation, the economic growth and development of South Africa. Goals: The purpose of this study was two-fold: To start with, to get insight into the main company environment threats and other elements, from a logistics point of view; and secondly, to show the usage of method not often used in logistics research study the sequential mixed technique.

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The outcomes of these 2 approaches were integrated with industry literature. Outcomes: It was discovered that increasing transportation expenses, operational management of facilities and human resources-related issues present the biggest obstacles in the logistics industry. In addition, it was found that the combined technique research study has application possibilities in logistics research.

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Nevertheless, organisations can manage how they respond and reduce these danger elements. It is revealed that these factors and risks can alter over night. My Deals Africa. The use of the explorative combined technique in obtaining qualitative and quantitative inputs and integrating it with existing literature proved to be a practical and usable methodology.

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( Simpson & Havenga 2012:51) Nevertheless, if one looks at the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) of South Africa the situation does not look regrettable. Search for Public Private Partnerships nearby. A small unfavorable trend is however observed considering that South Africa's LPI has decreased to 34th out of 160 nations in 2014 from 23rd out of 155 nations in 2012 (The World Bank 2012, 2014).

For example, South Africa, as one of the BRICS nations, is closely behind China, but far ahead of Russia, India and Brazil on the index. South Africa belongs to and completes in the international economy. Effective and effective logistics operators (cargo owners and logistics provider) play an essential role in the competitiveness of the economy.

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However, the efficiency and performance of logistics operators and supply chains can also be influenced by numerous elements in business environment, such as the provision of facilities, operational management of the infrastructure, the availability of human resources and a regulatory structure favorable to organisation and trade. Dangers and restrictions in business environment may negatively impact logistics organisations and the supply chains within which they operate (Badenhorst-Weiss & Waugh 2014:238).

As with any threats, in order for them to be handled, they should be clearly identified and their ramifications and significance comprehended by all involved (Bredell & Walters 2007:2). This research seeks to explore, by ways of a combined method research study, essential risk consider business environment that constrain the efficiency and performance of logistics operators in South Africa.

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The objective of the study was to get the perceptions of logistics company and freight owners about the threats and consider the South African organisation environment that have an effect on their performance and efficiency. This was carried out by methods of a quantitative study (study), followed by a qualitative focus group discussion to obtain richer information whilst proper industry related literature was searched and incorporated in the research study for more insight into the dangers (Badenhorst-Weiss & Waugh 2014:283).

Globalisation and the increasing intricacies affect the number of issues and the threat of supply chain disruptions as supply chains get longer, more complex and involve more partners (Hailey & Jonasson 2013:55). Aspects and dangers in the service environment that affect supply chains may change quickly, and the management of these dangers is becoming one of the most crucial locations in supply chain management.

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Simply over a year later on the unfavorable result of electricity provision issues is felt by supply chains and the nation as a whole. This article looks for to make a contribution in that it reports on the findings of a consecutive combined technique research study amongst logistics stakeholders. The article is not based on a traditional research approach where a thorough literature study was done, upon which a research method was established, followed by empirical research study. Looking for accounting firm nearby.

The researchers and an analytical consultant helped with the development of the technical part of the instrument. The research survey is hence been viewed as a practically-oriented instrument. The survey findings provided the background to a qualitative research study. The qualitative study was carried out by methods of a focus group conversation, to gain insight into how the risk factors are experienced by logistics role players and what they suggest to relieve the problems.

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The technique followed is called the explorative blended technique (Creswell 2009:18) and although it is not a widely known technique in logistics research, it still follows the basic clinical research study concepts. Logistics is worried about the movement of products, both inbound products (incoming) and the circulation of goods to the next members of the supply chain and to the end consumer (outbound) (Badenhorst-Weiss & Waugh 2014:284) - Number one financial accounts Africa.

As logistics plays a vital role in guaranteeing that consumers are served with the best possible service (in terms of dependability, speed, safety, flexibility) at the most affordable possible expense, managing logistics activities for optimal efficiency and efficiency is vital (Badenhorst-Weiss & Waugh 2014:284). Supply chain management, on the other hand, involves the planning and management of all activities included in sourcing and procurement, conversion and all logistics management activities.

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It is clear that logistics is an essential part of supply chain management and is often used as a synonym 'supply chains consist of logistics systems of networks' (Gattorna 2010:11). Inefficiencies in one part of the supply chain will have an unfavorable influence on the efficiency of the supply chain as a whole - My opportunities in africa South African.

The essential function of logistics in the nation's economy is caught succinctly in the following: The efficiency and growth of the South African logistics market are both inputs to and outflows from the efficiency and growth of the South African economy particularly in the main and secondary sectors. The exchange rate, inflation rate and rate of interest straight impact the cost performance of the logistics industry.

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Simultaneously, the efficiency of the logistics market particularly the expense of logistics has a bearing on the global competitiveness of South African markets. (State of Logistics Survey 2014: n.p.) South Africa's competitiveness was ranked 53rd out of 148 nations by the World Economic Forum (2014). South Africa hence has a modern-day economy and a strong logistics facilities and system.

As mentioned previously, South Africa's LPI has decreased to 34th out of 160 nations in 2014 from 23rd out of 155 countries in 2012. Of the six elements thought about by the World Bank for the LPI, customizeds ranked 42nd compared to 26th in 2012; tracking and tracing ranked 41st compared to 16th in 2012; facilities ranked 38th compared to 19th in 2012 (The World Bank 2012, 2014).